Brick Videos.

I recently finished filming two videos to facilitate my recycled-boxboard-and blister-plastic, interactive building project Archival Structure 5. This video provides instructions for creating a brick either at home with your own materials and a template I send to you (e mail me: , or as part of an installation where I supply the recyclables and tools.

I also recorded a video of the process of reversing a brick when one is sent to you through the mail. There are two options for this: you can either chose one of the bricks I created (see how here and here), or you can make a brick during an installation, give me your contact information, and have it sent back to you after the installation closes (like people did here).

The bricks were designed to be completely reversible, so they become their own plain mailing boxes. This way you can make a brick or adopt an existing brick, place your own item from your ‘junk drawer’ in the empty compartment, display and enjoy the brick at home, but also send it back to me so that it can continue to be a part of successive installations. The number of bricks keeps growing, and thus the structures I make with them get continually larger and more complex. You always have the option to have your brick returned to you after each show. The only cost is the postage (about 4 bucks round trip).

My amazing friends in Jumpsuit not only provided the soundtrack for this project-they also shot and edited the video. Thanks guys! I will let them play us out…

This activity was made possible by a fellowship grant from the Prairie Lakes Regional Arts Council and the McKnight Foundation.


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